Data Generation on Test Tooling

Random Generated Data

Dynamic value generation using Elixir.
Select the type of data, number of characters, and desired formatting.
Alphabetical will generate a string of alphabetical characters. Alphanumeric will generate a string containing alphanumeric characters. General ASCII will generate string with characters from the whole ASCII set.
Entering both min and max will generate a string between the given values. Entering either min or max will generate a string with a fixed length.

Note that some examples have been generated at the bottom of this page. Refreshing the page will generate a new listing. The string is listed after the space after the dash with the length given in brackets before the dash.


Refresh your browser to generate new values

Alphabetical Upper Case12YFVGKDLJKPNL
Alphabetical Lower Case32qehumabalhjgugbazsafxkniidwostpc
Alphabetical Mixed Case17GfPOSovBpluOcblOg
Alphanumeric Upper Case5YSTCK
Alphanumeric Lower Case2130k7r2qwol7kxhwvlasma
Alphanumeric Mixed Case1996fO3xunepaa8kZePwo
ASCII Upper Case7ÓJÎ3C
ASCII Lower Case15s ™åßß,ðx¦pyøl{
ASCII Mixed Case18ï8Jó)! E-s+\2pŽ
Printable ASCII8<LÜnj´ÌR
Printable ASCII Upper Case13Ì\DR1ØÞ?,5M͍
Printable ASCII Lower Case43óöùºfnîªm™•Žiœ¡‘©'rj7âþè?vd¤0<ûcjwïü™‚jù ˆ
Printable ASCII Mixed Case50Ó|ˆ$ax»~“¨z¯¸è‰óqõFøg…vëÀ‘]<‰|n3™¶'\³âԓàaæ²WÏ