Data Generation on Test Tooling

Data Generation

Small data generator

Data is of prime importance in testing. Generating test data can be a time consuming process. A tool to generate test data is thus something that can be of some use.

  • Strings of alphabetical, alphanumeric characters
  • Real or integer numbers
  • Dates

In addressing the problem of data, it should be noted that there are only a few different types of data. Although its possibly to only identify a few generic data types, they can formatted in a number of ways.

To cater for the various types a script interpreting a variety of codes can be used. The codes would identify the type, the format and the length.

GPL v3

A solution in MS Excel - download. Any comments/problems can be listed here

A dynamic generator can be used here

A dynamic generator (in JavaScript) can be used here. A standalone version can be downloaded.